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The Qustodio app is an application that is designed to protect and control the use of internet iOS, Android and Windows devices for children and teenagers. It is a parental control software that helps parents and guardians to monitor and filter their children's activities, protect them from the dangers of the internet and social media. Software Qustodio parent portal is a parental control software that is available for iOS, Android, Windows. In modern world, kids now have access to a wide variety of digital content from moment they learn to use a computer. From social media to gaming to browsing internet, kids are online and engaged in a digital world. Parents rely on a range of software and hardware to protect their kids from inappropriate content and to keep them safe. Application Qustodio download is a comprehensive solution that provides parental controls, monitoring, filtering. It gives parents the ability to manage every aspect of their children’s online life.



It is very easy to use for parents and kids alike. Qustodio free have intuitive, design is very user-friendly. Parents can easily monitor almost anything their kids are doing online. They can set up filters on the child’s browser to block inappropriate content, monitor the child’s applications usage, restrict child’s internet usage, view child’s location. With Software Qustodio parental control, parents can monitor the child’s location and see what websites they visit.

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Interface of the Qustodio app is pretty simple and straightforward. It is mainly designed to control the apps and content that children and teens can access. There are features such as blocking or unblocking specific apps and websites, as well as the ability to view the apps and websites that have been blocked and unblocked. There is a time limit option, option to set up a curfew. The Qustodio family portal interface is a sleek, modern design with a wealth of features. Interface is divided into four main screens: Dashboard, Filtering, Monitoring, Parental Controls. From the dashboard, parents can see a list of their child’s devices, a list of their child’s profiles, a list of all their child’s apps. The dashboard features a list of all the devices that the child has been blocked from, a list of all the apps that have been blocked from, list of all the child’s web pages that have been blocked. The interface Qustodio premium is simplistic and easy to navigate. It is a dashboard of all your child's devices, and a button can be clicked on each device to see a list of the apps they have on their device. You can see a timeline of app usage, a list of screenshots of softwares your child has been using. You can restrict the activities your child can do on the device, such as limiting the amount of time they can use the device, or restricting them from using specific products.


It is very good at providing support for the parents and guardians, they have a team of professionals that are there to answer any questions or concerns that may come up. Software Qustodio kids is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive so it's easy for parents to use. It was designed to be compatible with most devices, browsers, operating systems, and mobile phones. Provides 24/7 customer support, meaning that parents can contact family Qustodio any time of day or night for any problem they might have.

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  • Qustodio offers some excellent features. One of these is ability to block all of the unwanted content on internet. This means that children are free to browse internet without worrying about coming across any unwanted material.
  • Another feature of Qustodio download Windows is that it allows parents to monitor how their children are using internet by setting up their own accounts where they can see what their children are doing on internet.
  • Product allows parents to create a safe, productive internet environment for their children. They can do so by setting time limits, blocking inappropriate content, monitoring internet usage.


  • The Qustodio installer product is one of best parental control softwares because it offers comprehensive security and monitoring for children.
  • Parents can monitor their children's online activity, block their access to certain websites, control what they can do on their devices, much more.
  • Parental control of internet is best way to protect your children
  • Qustodio's private browsing is most secure way to browse the internet
  • Qustodio Windows has an product for your mobile device


  • How does Qustodio download PC App work?
    Software acts as a parental control for your child's phone. It monitors the child's activity on the device, alerts the parents when the child is browsing inappropriate content, and blocks products to prevent them from taking any further action.
  • What are the benefits of using the install Qustodio App?
    Application can block all apps, not just social networks, it has a feature that will notify the parent when the child attempts to uninstall the app.
  • I updated the app and I cannot log in any more, what should I do?
    If you updated the app and you cannot log in any more, please close the app and reopen it. If this does not work, please try to re-install the app.

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